March 26, 2020

Travel & Lifestyle

In 2014 I left the UK with a rucksack and a film camera for a three month trip to Central America – hoping that the Guatemalan jungle might teach me a thing or two about the world.

Five years, three continents and a love story later, I began to see my camera as less of a hobby and more of a tool for change. My partner and I spent the last year in Sri Lanka and South East Asia, working with social enterprises and sustainable businesses; organisations striving to create profit with purpose. My photography was a piece of that puzzle (read more about that here)

Wherever we went, we moved slowly. One, three or six months in one place at a time. Being respectful, learning from the locals and leaving nothing but footprints.

Now, back in the UK, we are exploring the places close to home. The woodlands, the highlands, the hideaways and the good old English pubs. With so much on our doorstep (much of which is unseen by my Aussie counterpart), we will be exploring the wet, windy, wonderful UK for the foreseeable future.

This is double what we were hoping for and the photos are terrific! Thank you so much! I just sent them around my team and we all love them. It has been so great working with you guys and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Thu Phan